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This site is dedicated to my collaborators — the directors, actors, artists, producers, composers, editors, everybody.

The laughs we share are the great joy of my career.

- Billy


Funny Shorts, collection of one-acts that are mine all mine!, published by Broadway Play Publishing.

Peg + Cat now airing in 180 countries. Has won Emmy Awards for writing, music, design, acting and for Best Animated Preschool Show.

Rent alum speak (and sing!) for Broadway Sings for Pride.

New links reveal the truth about my family.

LA Times editorial on Peg + Cat.

Profiled in New Learning Times.

Melia and Jo picture book receives starred review in Kirkus Reviews.

Four monologues from First Day of School published in Best Stage Monologues.

Beavis & Butt-head scripts “Pregnant Pause” and “Animation Sucks” honored.