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Funny Shorts

A collection of 15 comic one-acts by Billy Aronson.

Funny Shorts cover
cover photo by Pete Byron

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Also available through: Broadway Play Publishing.

ISBN 978-0-88145-603-5

Some of the press:

Night Rules: “Takes its on-target premise to the horizon of absurdity. The denouement is a wicked reversal of rules about who sleeps in whose bed, and the logic is priceless. Aronson has nailed these parental holy wars and couples’ skirmishes with a keenly observant eye.” —Village Voice

Light Years: “Deft shifts in the tone and meaning of Mr Aronson’s dialogue that you only catch when they trigger emotional explosions … the shock of totally unexpected passions … it all works perfectly.” —New York Times

The News: “Touching and surreal. Depicts that strange period of time when one realizes the death of a loved one is inevitable and that knowledge makes time with the person change shape; even the cell phones take on a new, magical meaning.” —Variety

Of Two Minds: “Mordantly funny. The playwright finds a formula for family and love in an age of fractured marriages, lack of communication and yearning for union.” —New York Times

Little Duck: “Highly amusing look at the boiling sexual intrigue and artistic warfare behind the scenes of a children’s television program. These battles explode in a Bacchanalian conclusion that makes the murderous gunslingers of the Wild West look rather civilized.” —New York Times

In the Middle of the Night: “A mother’s surprise visit to her son at college reveals the shocking extent of his emotional instability.” —New York Times

Reunions: “The play takes a decidedly loopy turn, and the delight is all the more piquant for being a surprise. From then on, the alumni who show up (including a major celebrity whom you’ll know but never guess) have, suffice it to say, unusual résumés. That the reunion proceeds with every familiar emotional trapping nonetheless is funny and even touching.” —New York Times


“Aronson has demonstrated he has a keen sense of what makes a good one act.” “Madcap mayhem worthy of the Marx Brothers without censorship.” “Bravo.” —CurtainUp